Susan Z.

The first voice recorded on THE STEREO FLOW project was Susan Z from San Francisco. McConomy played Buyens some songs from her recent recordings "Cautionary Tales" and "Believe" and both agreed to fly her in immediately to collaborate. Given that her voice had been trained by the legendary Seth Riggs the transformation from power pop princess to house diva was done in convincing fashion on the"Goodbye" track from Stereo Flow featuring Susan Z.


Susan Z has placed several of her songs in movies, and she has starred in three independant films. Susan has a featured role in the film "Sweet November" with Keanu Reeves, and she continues doing musical theater whenever her schedule permits, earning her respect and rave reviews from her peers, critics, and audiences. She has performed at the Fillmore, Great American Music Hall, Slims, Bimbo's, Freight and Salvage, Sweetwater Saloon and numerous other Bay Area venues. Susan's naturalness on the stage and in the studio reflect a confident young artist who is ready to bring her music talent to new heights.

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