Michael started with music in the early 80s playing bass guitar at age 10. His first professional music experience was the recording of an EP with the French band "The Shriek" at English producer Trevor Vallis (Phil Collins, The cure Sinita...) studios when he was 17 years old. This was definitely what inspired him to become an accomplished songwriter and producer in the years to come.


Michael left Paris, his hometown, in early 1994 to move to Germany where dance music was ruling all European charts. He rapidly picked up hired by Deep Dance Records, a young German independent label that was seeking for an "in house" producer for their artists. Michael produced a lot of records, singles, albums and remixes with and for multiple DJs and groups such as Jean Claude Ades, at the beginning of JCA's young career and was along with partner Steve Clark one of the most sought after technical consultant / engineer / producer in the dance music scene in Germany during his 4 years stay in the country.


Michael moved along on the road of dance music in 1998 and established himself during a year in Ibiza where he teamed up with Belgian producer Jaris Peeters to form Cruz a project that had several club hits to find on many Ibiza compilations at the time.


Michael moved back to northern Europe and landed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2000. There again, the French producer was rapidly successful in his music endeavours. He was hired by electro legend DJ Eddy de Clercq to write and produce a significant part of de Clercq's debut album "Passport" (EMI/Blue note) and collaborated on the launch of de Clercq's collection "Boss a Tronic" (WEA) with several songs he wrote and produces with the DJ Further along. Michael was asked by Jive records to produce the album "Sugar Spider" of Netherlands' star Georgina Vebaan, along with legendary Dutch songwriter / producer team Fluitsma & Van Tyn. Michael also collaborated on Dutch famous band the Gathering's album "Souvenirs" (Psychonaut records) as musician and sound engineer and co-produced the album's first single "You learn about it" with Zlaya Hadzich, Dutch award winning singer / actor Edwin Jonker also asked Michael to write and produce his debut album during 2003.


Michael came back to Paris in 2004 after a 10 years journey abroad with a tremendous knowledge about music production. He rapidly got spotted by Eric Serra (Luc Besson's favourite composer) and been offered to work at Serra's Studio to write and produce music for Michael Moreno, a young French artist that will present his debut album this year in France


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